Why have an online portfolio?
dataXform has been building a portfolio of web sites over the past few years. These have been created due to general technology interest, entrepreneurial endevours, and the desire to be on the cutting edge. Along with the dataXform corporate site, there are various blogs, storefronts, and free web applications designed to attract users to the online storefronts. Technology changes fast, dataxform llc strives to be faster.

Online Storefronts
Through a partnership with Mobihand.com, dataxform has built four storefronts that specialize in Windows Mobile phones. Three of these stores are branded specifically for a ceratin phone. One is general store for just about any type of phone. These sites are advertised on Google through AdWords and have provided an income stream to the company.
dataXform has also created associated .MOBI sites that are viewable on any smartphone for each of these sites.

iPhone Sites

These sites were designed to provide information to iPhone users in a friendly format to fit the small screen of the iPhone. They provide a revenue stream to the company through advertisements and links to the dataXform storefronts. These sites also show the skill dataXform has in providing high quality, cutting edge websites in a very short timeframe.

  • iFindToys
    Search for hard to find gifts online.
  • chondriac
    Health and Medical Articles, News, and Information
  • iCoupie
    Access Online Coupons from your iPhone
  • iPhoneAtom
    Front end to google news feeds
  • iPhoneCnews
    Front end to CNet reviews and shopping
  • iPhoneRevu
    Mashup of Yelp reviews with Google Maps
  • tCoupie
    Access Technical Gear Deals, Prices and Coupons from your iPhone

Blog Sites

This blog site was created in early 2007. There was some initial frustration with installing the production version of Vista Ultimate, thus the name APPCRASH. Time has a way of healing some wounds. APPCRASH has since turned into an information blog as Vista has become more stable. It seems to be very popular with people who are having trouble getting their laptop to sleep or hibernate properly.

iPhoneApps was initially purchased to be a compliment to the other dataXform storefronts. Apple has yet to officially open the iPhone environment to third party application so it was turned into a blog. It contains information regarding the iPhone and iPod Touch. The site is self-funded through Google Adsense. There is also an iPhone version of the site that is accessed automatically when using the iPhone. This site uses XML data feeds and XSLT to transform the blog articles to an iPhone friendly format.